GreenPlace enables investors, asset managers, banks, insurers, corporates and city governments to understand the impacts of carbon emissions from the built environment. We provide a roadmap and actionable plans to decarbonise in line with your net zero ambitions.

We support our customers to incorporate carbon-related risks and opportunities into their strategy, portfolio management, risk management, stress testing and reporting.


Operating in 21 countries

3.25m sqm of built assets

Annual savings of 23m kgC02

GreenPlace has sophisticated carbon analytics and domain expertise to decarbonise across all major built asset types. GreenPlace enables customers to understand carbon risks for individual assets, entire portfolios and corporate balance sheets.


Corporates globally, are increasingly being driven to measure, report and reduce their carbon emissions across Scopes 1,2 & 3. GreenPlace is supporting asset-intensive corporates in their decarbonisation journey.

We design corporate level decarbonisation strategies, aggregate carbon-related data across all scope areas, run carbon data analytics, set targets and implement decarbonisation plans.

Our work is set within the context of gold standard protocols and policies, such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and other relevant built environment benchmarks.

Corporate case study

GreenPlace are mandated by a leading education company who owns and operates 56 K-12 schools across 16 countries for 50,000 students to decarbonise the company’s operations through Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.

We have set the decarbonisation strategy, aggregated and run analytics on carbon emissions data, identified carbon reduction opportunities and then implement initiatives on their behalf.

Asset Managers

Asset managers use GreenPlace to respond to their clients’ increasing need to understand and manage carbon-related risks and the value opportunity of decarbonising.

Our platform enables asset managers to develop and implement decarbonisation plans on single assets and portfolios and to scale up to fund levels. We are utilised across the lifecycle of real assets – from pre-acquisition due dilligence, through asset ownership and across retrofitting and/or redevelopment. We advise on both existing built assets as well as new development.

Through our bZero software and our bZero Consulting services, we provide the tools and expertise to ensure Asset Managers understand the extent of their carbon exposures, the associated risks and the financial and non-financial benefits of decarbonisation. We subsequently support the implementation of prioritised decarbonisation plans, to ensure carbon reduction targets are actually met and asset value is optimised.

Asset Manager case study

A global asset manager with over US$1 trillion of assets under management has engaged GreenPlace to partner with them on their real asset decarbonisation journey. Responding to the needs of their investor clients and to drive forward their own net zero plans, GreenPlace is supporting the asset manager with decision-critical metrics, tools and implementation strategies.

We assess assets at pre-acquisition, as part of investment due diligence and also existing assets under management to identify carbon related risks and opportunities. We stress testing a range decarbonisation pathways – setting out retrofitting costs, intervention plans and the resulting commercial value impacts. The asset manager uses our outputs to inform their asset-level and portfolio strategy, together with their reporting needs to clients and ESG benchmarking bodies.


Investors use our bZero software and our supporting services to strategise their net zero plans. Using bZero and minimal data inputs they can generate actionable insights in minutes.

Receive a comprehensive analysis of your emissions landscape with our world class carbon tool. bZero is powered by fundamental insights from building physics, geospatial data, climate science, data science and proprietary valuation models. bZero highlights carbon inefficiencies across assets, sectors and countries.

Use bZero to analyse, reduce and report on decarbonisation risks, discover value opportunities and investments required. Model future carbon impact scenarios, such as the transition risks of potential investments or divestments.

Then launch decarbonisation programs with your key stakeholders- such as asset managers, portfolio companies, trustees and regulators– equipped with the intelligence and confidence that GreenPlace provides you.

Investor case study

We work with a global investor with US$300 billion of pension assets under ownership. GreenPlace engaged with their asset manager in one of their key real estate markets to set and implement their decarbonisation strategy. We run scenario testing for science-based decarbonisation pathways, assess stranding risks and designed intervention plans. We appraise carbon emissions across the lifecycle of their assets and account for both operational and embodied carbon emissions. We provide the tools and actionable insights to enable the investor to make decisions that are financially astute and net zero aligned.


Insurance groups active in the built environment use bZero and our bZero consulting services to pinpoint where carbon risk exposures sit. bZero supports them with deep understanding and then highlights opportunities to reduce the carbon intensity on both sides of insurers’ balance sheets.

Insurers can then direct their capital away from certain carbon risks and engage directly with customers on the risk and cost implications of their transition strategies to net zero. bZero provides a platform from which insurers can innovate new product lines and understand their current and future carbon emission liabilities. bZero is highly complementary to physical climate risk programs for insurance groups, raising awareness and insights into the carbon emission impacts of climate related events and risks.

Insurer case study

One of the world’s leading and largest insurance groups is utilising our bZero software tool to make a rapid scan of a portfolio of assets they have insurance exposure to.

With minimal data and time required from the insurer, bZero generates a fully costed decarbonisation plan in minutes and highlights the key carbon emissions which could emerge from climate related risk events.

bZero maps the carbon risk landscape for the insurance group, leaving decision makers to implement decarbonisation plans with customers, make strategic insurance decisions and inform future underwriting and product lines.


Banks and other financial lenders operating in the built environment use our bZero software and our bZero consulting services to measure, manage and reduce their carbon emissions. bZero can calculate the value at carbon risk of single assets and portfolios in minutes, needing only minimal data and then aggregate up to enterprise levels.

Loan positions and security can be assessed at scale with our decarbonisation plans. This provides lenders with decision-critical insights and tools to collaborate with counterparties.

Lenders also use GreenPlace to support their regulatory reporting needs with Central Banks, Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). Our carbon analytics sits naturally with the climate risk management and stress testing requirements of lenders.

Our clients

We have worked with a range of customers to help them achieve their decarbonisation goals.